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Press & News

05 Nov 2019

High-Flying Security at the Nanoscale

This month our CEO, Veronica Savu, was invited by Plastics Decorating Magazine to write an article about our brand-protection solution. She explains the inspiration biomimetics provided and how customers chose among the various security features available. 

24 Oct 2019

Hitting the sweet spot between sustainability and brand security

During the K-show, we had a great discussion with journalist Karen Laird - here is what she wrote about it in Plastics News Europe.  

11 Dec 2017

Morphotonix is featured in Plastics News Europe

Download Plastics News Europe 2017 Nov/Dec issue and learn about our security solution for packaging on page 22: 
"Now, a young Swiss company called Morphotonix has introduced a new approach that is claimed to offer “zero implementation cost per unit and instant consumer authentication”. Based on its patented technology platform, says the company, the process is seamlessly integrated in standard production and requires no consumables or additives"

15 Dec 2016

EPFL Magazine presents Morphotonix in China

The winter issue of 2016 EPFL Magazine talks about the Venture Leaders China program and its impact on Morphotonix.

18 May 2016

Swiss National radio interviews Morphotonix

The nature of our solution explained at Néophiles, the Chronicles of Swiss innovation, by Radio Télévision Suisse RTS with Loïs Siggen Lopez

16 Mar 2016

Hologram-topped cap featured by

Hologram-topped cap featured by as the most advanced protection for consumer and brand owner on the market

07 Mar 2016

Futuristic HologramCap expected to be a big hit highlights KISICO and Morphotonix parnership:
“We are sure this technology will be used especially for temper evident packaging of high-priced products in the next few years”

03 Feb 2016

Morphotonix is selected in top 50 Swiss start-ups

We have been selected in top 50 Swiss start-ups by Bilan, the reference magazine reporting of the Swiss economy. 

12 May 2015

Swiss start-ups, innovation, financing

Le Temps article about how to assemble a winning puzzle in the Swiss start-up world.

01 May 2015

Clariant and Morphotonix Partners in ColorForward® 2016 Palette

Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, teamed up with Morphotonix to highlight the latest technology in holography.The high-tech graphics are rendered on molded plastic chips in ColorForward® 2016, the latest edition of Clariant's groundbreaking trend analysis and color-design tool.

14 Jun 2014

Holographic Chocolates Look As Beautiful As They Taste

NPR blog (National Public Radio, US) posts Melissa Pandika’s article Holographic Chocolates Look as Beautiful as They Taste from about holographic chocolate that looks as beautiful as it tastes. The article has been “liked” on Facebook more than 12,000 times, and shared more than 4,500.  

18 May 2014

Corriere della Sera - Sorpresa: arriva la cioccolata olografica

Il Corriere della Sera blog (Italy) reports on Morphotonix’ holographic chocolate Sorpresa: arriva la cioccolata olografica.  

15 May 2014 - Seeing the Light: Holographic Chocolate

The Food Science blog of explains how making holographic chocolate is a combination of chocolate moulding and the properties of light in Seeing the Light: Holographic Chocolate.  

13 May 2014

17 Sep 2013

Featured in l'AGEFI - Technological Advantages over Competition

Morphotonix is featured in l’AGEFI for its Technological Advantages over Competition that enable it to offer brand protection for a wide range of articles. (article in French)

17 Apr 2013

Morphotonix Bets on Holographic Chocolate Without Additives or Colorants

The Economy and Finance section of the Swiss newspaper Le Temps writes how Morphotonix Bets on Holographic Chocolate Without Additives or Colorants. (article in French)

19 Mar 2021

Bringing Swiss innovation to the Indian market

Morphotonix partners with AIPIA to present the latest Swiss innovations in sustainable smart packaging during the online congress. The "Printing without Ink" presentation is seconded by a round table discussing the pros and cons of brand protection solutions for rigid plastics.

05 Oct 2020

Joining the In-mold Labels and Decoration Industry

Morphotonix is presenting during the AWAVirtual leading conference for in-mold technologies.

21 Jan 2020

Invited to the Swiss Plastics Innovation Symposium

Morphotonix was invited to inspire the Swiss Plastics visitors and exhibitors in Lucerne with a talk at the Innovation Symposium within the New Material and Surface Characteristics focus topic. The showcased parts were available in real life at the Morphotonix stand across the podium, hosted within the Swiss Plastics Cluster

16 Oct 2019

K-show in Düsseldorf wins a new fan

Morphotonix' stand at the World's No.1 Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber -  the K-show - was hosted within the Swiss Pavilion, organized by Switzerland Global Enterprise. Guests from 19 countries enjoyed coffee and Swiss chocolate during their visit with us.   

03 Jun 2019

IMDA SPE Topical Conference Talk

In-Mold Decorating Association IMDA and the Society of Plastics Engineers SPE Decorating and Assembly Division invited Morphotonix to present its solutions at the leading in-mold labeling & decoration Symposium in Franklin, TN.    

13 Oct 2018

Bio-inspired exhibition at the Natural History Museum of Fribourg

Proud to support public dissimination of science during the temporaray bio-inspired exhibition at the Natural History Museum of Fribourg, organized by the National Center of Competence in Research for Bio-inspired Materials.

01 Oct 2018

Launching sustainable solutions at LuxePack Monaco

Eastman launched at LuxePack Monaco a new, cellulose-based plastic designed as an eco-friendly alternative to ABS. This new polymer served as a basis for the development of an eco-designed powder compact in partnrship with Groupe Rocher. Morphotonix partnered for the sustainable, in-mold decoration of the piece. For an easier visualisation, we created a movie of the ecodesign compact that you can see on the YouTube channel of Eastman here.

20 Sep 2018

Presenting micropatterning of metals at the Swiss Plastics Seminar

We were invited to share our knowledge in micropatterning of metals with innovation and R&D managers during the Swiss Plastics Seminar at the Bluefactory, Fribourg. 

07 May 2018

Leading innovation for the plastics industry at NPE 2018

Leading innovation within the world's 2,000+ leading suppliers of solutions for the plastic industry at NPE in Orlando, Florida. Sharing this experience with other 13 Swiss companies and organizations within the Swiss Pavilion, organized by Switzerland Global Enterprise.

17 Oct 2017

Live demo at FAKUMA 2017

Live demo of advanced product-embedded security features during the world's leading technical event for industrial plastics processing FAKUMA in Friedrichshafen Exhibition Center, in partnership with FHNW, Priamus AG, Bützer AG, Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co KG and Dr. Boy.

12 Jun 2017

Thank you for visiting our booth at EPHJ 2017 in Geneva

Our team was very happy to meet you at EPHJ2017 and share our latest news on nano-precision engraving for metals and plastics!

08 May 2017

Dupont and Morphotonix innovate together at PRN2017

This year PRN2017 was held at Fraunhofer Institute in Aachen, Germany. A great venue, and an event showing the latest updates in the field of large scale replication of micro- and nanostructures in polymer materials.
Together with Dupont, we presented for the first time a s
ustainable processing solution based on nano-structured tooling for enhanced adoption of thermo plastic composites, with a focus on Vizilon

24 Jan 2017

LIVE production of moulded holograms at Swiss Plastics Expo

Thanks to the great team of experts from FHNW, Priamus AG, Bützer AG, Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co KG and Babyplast we will mould LIVE a hologram-marked product at Swiss Plastics Expo in Luzern. Visit us at booth A4002!

22 Nov 2016

Morphotonix in Nature Reviews Materials journal!

Morphotonix technology is referenced in the one of the highest world impact factor journal of Nature Reviews Materials from Nature Publishing Group!
The article 'Plasmonic colour generation'
highlights and compares plasmonic colours and recent nanofabrication developments for traditional and nanophotonic colour technologies.

14 Nov 2016

Morphotonix exhibits at AIPIA world congress 2016

Latest Morphotonix innovations on brand protection and anti-counterfeiting of liquids presented at the world congress of Active and Intelligent Packaging AIPIA2016 in Amasterdam

19 May 2016

Morphotonix at Polymer Replication on Nanoscale PRN2016

Morphotonix gives a talk at 3d polymer micro and nano-scale polymer replication expert conference PRN2016 in Windisch, Switzerland

10 Feb 2016

Swiss and German high-tech protect Pharma against counterfeiting

German company Kisico has its HologramCap secured with Morphotonix technology nominated to the Innovation Gallery of PharmaPack in Paris. 

02 Dec 2015

Excellence in Holography Award IHMA 2015

Morphotonix receives Excellence in Holography Award for Innovation in Holographic Technology in Shanghai together with Swiss partner Kyburz & Cie S.A.

27 Oct 2015

Morphotonix video

Discover our business profile in a video supported by Innovaud

11 Oct 2015

Morphotonix Texen GEM

Together with partner Texen, the innovation group of PSB Industries, we create a holographic GEM for Materiautech.

12 May 2015

Security for Healthcare at Innovation Day

Morphotonix promotes multi-level additive-free security for Healthcare and Pharma at the Innovation Day in Lausanne.

22 Apr 2015

Captain of the Swiss National Startup Team

Morphotonix CEO was elected captain of the Swiss National Startup Team during the Kick-off meeting of Venturelab Startup Champions.

22 Apr 2015

Startup Champions @ EPFL

Morphotonix will pitch at Startup Champions as part of the Venture Leader team (event in Rolex Learning Center Forum).

03 Dec 2014

The 25th Holography Conference

Morphotonix is invited to present its technology for moulding holographic articles at the 25th Holography Conference in Istanbul.

20 Nov 2014

3rd IPI Symposium: Packaging Technology of the Future

The International Packaging Institute invites Morphotonix to showcase its additve-free labelling and design with integrated anti-counterfeiting during its 3rd Symposium: Packaging Technology of the Future in Schaffausen, Switzerland.  

06 Nov 2014

Micro and Nanotechnologies for the European Polymer Industry

Morphotonix is invited by the Swiss Plastics Cluster to present its solution for brand protection at the conference "Micro and nanotechnologies in materials and processes for European polymer industry" in Fribourg.

27 Oct 2014

Morphotonix and Texen Lab innovate for cosmetics at LuxePack

Texen Lab, the innovation department of CMSI from Texen Group, introduced holographic cosmetics packaging created with Morphotonix technology at LuxePack in Monaco.

17 Jun 2014

Morphotonix at EPHJ-EPMT-SMT at Palexpo

Morphotonix exhibits its own booth for brand protection of medical and healthcare products and presents its solution during the Medtech Village Forum at the EPHJ-EPMT-SMT show at Palexpo, Geneva.

27 May 2014

Morphotonix returns to 58th EIPBN 2014 in Washington D.C

Two years after winning the Entrepreneur’s Challenge at the 56th International Conference on Electron, Ion, and Photon Beam Technology and Nanofabrication EIPBN 2012, in Hawaii, Morphotonix returns to the 58th EIPBN 2014 in Washington D.C – this time to give the invited talk Microtechnology to Taste – Holographic Chocolate for the Supermarket. 

12 May 2014

Morphotonix technology presented at Polymer Replication on Nanoscale

Morphotonix technology is presented during the 1st international conference on Polymer Replication at the Nanoscale in Denmark.

08 May 2014

Morphotonix at Interpack in Düsseldorf

Morphotonix presented an application of holographic effects on food within the stand of our partner Dr. Ing. Kaupert Gmbh & Co.KG at Interpack in Düsseldorf. Polycarbonate rigid injection-moulded moulds were used in the production line of the premium chocolate-products company Ethel Chocolate to obtain holographic chocolate pralines.

16 Sep 2019

Morphotonix selected for SME-1 European Project

 European Union supported Morphotonix with a 4-month project within the SME-1 Small and Medium-sized Entreprises Instrument, Phase 1. Morphotonix analysed the commercial potential  and developed a global expansion strategy for their eco-friendly and large-volume compatible Swiss technology that secures products against illegal counterfeits. The project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No. 836047.

04 Jun 2019

IMDA Best Technical Achievment Award

The In-Mold Decorating Association awarded the Best Technical Achievment to Morphotonix and United Caps for the In-Mold Decorating of caps and closures with diffractive designs - a sustainable, consumable-free and uncopiable branding solution.

16 Nov 2017

Best Applied Security Product

IHMA selected our newest product "Irremovable Security for Spirits Safety Closures" as Best Applied Security Product. The multi-layer security features were nano-engraved on curved steel with an esthetic design optimized for non-planar surfaces. The uncopiable pourer prevents illegal alcohol refill or illicit copies of the packaging.

29 Nov 2016

Best Applied Decorative Packaging Product Award

Morphotonix together with KisicoKirchner, Simon &Co GmbH receive the Excellence in Holography Award for Best Applied Decorative Packaging Product at The Hologram Conference in Warsaw.

01 Oct 2016

Morphotonix among ten Swiss startups selected to conquer China

With the team of the 10 high-tech entrepreneurs, carefully selected to “Swiss national startup team” to conquer the Middle Kingdom in October 2016, we participate in an intense business development trip to Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, co-organized by Venturelab and swissnex China.

10 Feb 2016

CTI Woman Entrepreneur award

Veronica Savu wins special CTI Woman Entrepreneur award at the MassChallenge Startup Summit Lift16

13 Mar 2015

Morphotonix wins Venture Leaders USA 2015 prize

Morphotonix is one of the 20 winners of the Venture Leaders USA 2015 competition. As part of the Swiss National Startup team, CEO Veronica Savu will travel to Boston and New York in June for an intesne 10 day entrepreneurial business development trip. 

16 Dec 2014

Morphotonix wins 2014/2015 IMD Startup competition

Morphotonix will work with a group of Executive MBA students as one of the 11 winners of the Lausanne IMD Startup competition.

15 Nov 2013

Morphotonix wins the 2nd stage Venture Kick Competition

Morphotonix solid business case wins the 2nd stage Venture Kick competition.

15 Aug 2013

14 Nov 2012

Morphotonix receives Innogrant from EPFL

Morphotonix receives Innogrant from EPFL for developing prototypes for holographic chocolate.

14 Jun 2012

Morphotonix wins 1st prize at Entrepreneur's Challenge EIPBN 2012

Morphotonix wins 1st prize at the Entrepreneur’s Challenge organized by th 56th International Conference on Electron, Ion, and Photon Beam Technology and Nanofabrication EIPBN 2012, in Hawaii, with its Swiss Photonic Chocolate business plan.