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About Us

Morphotonix founders merged their scientific experience into a unique technological platform which provides uncopiable security features embedded directly in products, preserving the material purity 100% and providing instant authentication. Our solution is based on nano-engraving metallic articles/molds with a precision of 130,000 dpi.

Morphotonix Core Team

Dr. Veronica Savu
Dr. Veronica Savu  


The Holography Conference, 2015, Shanghai, China - "Additive-free product-embedded security"

International Congress Decoration and Material Trends, 2015, Mulhouse, France - "Additive-free holographic effects seamlessly embedded in production"

Dr. Veronica Savu graduated from Caltech in 2000 and earned her Ph.D. in Physics from Yale University (U.S.). In 2007 she moved to Switzerland to pursue postdoctoral research in micro/nanotechnology at EPFL and at University of Basel, where she initiated and managed projects, including a CHF 750,000 individual Ambizione grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation. She is the co-founder and business director of Morphotonix.


Dr. Vaida Auzelyte
Dr. Vaida Auzelyte  


Innovaud Connect: Plastiques, plasturgie et composites, 2016, Saint-Prex, Switzerland - "Fonctionalités des surfaces plastiques -  nano-gravure des moules et réplication"

Micro and Nano Engineering conference, 2014, Lausanne, Switzerland - "Product-embedded brand protection"

Dr. Vaida Auzelyte graduated from Vilnius University (Lithuania) in 2001 and received Ph.D. from Lund University in Sweden. In 2006 she joined Paul Scherrer Institut and gained extensive experience as scientist in the field of micro and nanotechnology. In 2009 she started working at EPFL, where she designed, implemented and managed scientific projects. She is the co-founder and technical director of Morphotonix.