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Embedded decorative security

"An innovative colourful technology brings you additive-free,
holographic-like effects on your 3D products"

Morphotonix Awards

What is Morphotonix?

By integrating micro-structures onto 3D metallic objects, we enable the fabrication of holographic-like effects in an additive-free way on any plastic precision-moulded part or on any other derivative article, e.g. on edible articles produced by moulding.

We first target the food market , enabling innovative additive-free holographic-like chocolate produced by large manufacturers.

Next, we are applying our technology to plastic packaging.

"We design and integrate micro-structures on any 3D tools/masters used for precision-moulded products, for visual attractivness or security."


Technology & Applications

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Anti-counterfeiting of polymeric articles and rigid plastic packaging: Health care products, food & beverage packaging, cosmetics, consumer goods.
Photonic Chocolate from Morphotonix
Additive-free premium design: Chocolate, biomaterials, eco-friendly packaging.
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